Holiday Wishlist: Sandi’s Picks

The Wish List train continues chugging along with my picks! Dear Santa: I’ve been kinda good this year, I think. Here are some things I love. Please tell Rudolph to set his GPS to 863 Queen Street W…

1. The ultimate sweater of my dreams, this Wood Wood Alli Sweater $359. I would put this on one day, and then eventually people I know would notice my excessive wear and be like “Sandi, do you own any OTHER sweaters???” And I would be all “no, this is my only sweater, I gave my other sweaters away because they could NOT compare to this one.” And then I would continue to wear it every single day.


2. Filippa K Leather Mittens $135 (black). Because they are cool AND warm. Seasonal weather would have nothing on me if I strapped these bad boys on. They’d be like little punching gloves fighting against flurries and sub zero temps.

WARM MITTEN3. Karen Walker Turn To Stone Dress $225. For those days when I want to wear a sweatshirt (which is pretty much everyday), but that sweatshirt is a DRESS! Also? Good dress name.


4. Dieppa Restrepo Dandy Loafers $280. Silver loafers! SILVER LOAFERS.


5. Lastly, this ALL Knitwear X Baggu hat $69. I usually wear boring plain black hats, but maybe it’s time to drastically change things up? The colours! I could call it my bumblebee party hat.  Or my wild stripes hat. Either way, it would probably have a nickname and I would be warm.



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