Holiday Wish List: Amber’s Picks

Hey guys. Look no further if you were wondering what to get me for Christmas! I’ma make it real easy on you. Hope your bank account is prepared to support my ~*glamourous*~ lifestyle.

1. The Creatures of Comfort Julia dress in eye print, $415.  I tried this on a few months ago and it looks awesome. On me. It’s silk! I think I would probably wear it every day until it disintegrated on my body.



2. This WoodWood Violetta shirt, $215, is pretty much the perfect holiday shirt.  It kind of looks like holly, but really it’s a floral so I can wear it any time.  Think of the print mixing possibilities!

3. All the OLO products are great, but I especially like the cedarwood and rose scented argan oil hair tonic, $40.  It keeps your hair nice and conditioned in the dry Canadian winter, and makes you smell like a darkly romantic forest angel.

 4. The most gorgeous emerald coloured wool/mohair blend coat from Filippa K, $549. Sigh…


5. And finally, this MHL Matelot Jumper for $325.  It’s boxy and comfy and just cropped enough to wear with my favourite jeans. See?

Screen shot 2013-10-18 at 3.14.05 PM


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