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End of Season SALE!!

End of Season SALE!!

As of today, we’ve put a bunch of great Fall/Winter merchandise on sale, 25% off! With goods from Wood Wood, Steven Alan, Filippa K, MHL and more, it’s the perfect time to start your gift shopping! We also have lots of new holiday-appropriate arrivals, come see!

New holiday arrivals!

Are you starting to panic about the zillions of holiday parties coming up? Well DON’T, because we just got a bunch of new holiday items to help you breeze right through this season!

Wren open back kimono dress, $349:
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 10.37.22 AM

Wren maxi contrast kimono dress, $399:
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 10.37.31 AM

Steven Alan Maggie dress, $365:
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 10.32.54 AM

Steven Alan Helena dress, $365:
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 10.33.08 AM

Wood Wood Georgia dress, $295:
Georgia dress

Wood Wood Lis dress in stripe, $199:
Lis dress stripe

Wood Wood Lis dress in navy, $199:
Lis dress navy

Rittenhouse lurex spot cardigan, $325 (we still have a couple of these skirts left too!):
Screen shot 2012-11-30 at 10.53.07 AM

Holiday Wishlist: Taylor’s Picks

I’ll start off Robber’s annual Holiday Wishlist FIRST because I would like to give my friends/fam plenty of time to decide who is going to get me what (jkjkjkjk).  We’ll be posting weekly Gift Guides and our Holiday Wishlists to help inspire you to become your ultimate gift-giving self.

First up, is the best Shetland Basic Crew Redwood jumper by MHL, $245 $185. How cozy is this sweater? So cozy. Sometimes I try it on and dream one day (ie: Dec 25) that I’ll never have to take it off….
Sometimes when our sweaters are folded, it’s easy to overlook them! But really, they would make the best gift! Who doesn’t want a woolen hug for the holidays?

And is there any better feeling than layering a beautiful silk blouse under a wool sweater? No. So please welcome the Samantha Pleet Silk Trench blouse in Black, $369 $280. (Also the answer is actually YES, there IS a better feeling and that’s making someone’s Christmas dreams/wishlist come true…)
Samantha Pleet balances sophistication (black, silk, a beautiful drape) with unexpected details, such as “cape-like-panels” that make this blouse truly unique and lovely.

I’m not a super fancy lady, but this delicate, long Laura Lombardi necklace would add just enough femininity to my daily boyish ensembles. Or yours. But hopefully mine. Lunette necklace, $70.

Remember last winter? Or lack-there-of? Forget it. This year is going to hit, and hit HARD (obviously I know this because of my strong ties with the Farmer’s Almanac Weather..people). Thirty minute bike commute to work every morning/night? Ten bajillion puppy pee breaks/walks in a day? I can’t fake it anymore you guys, I need a parka. Filippa K’s Fay Parka, $539, $405 fits the bill. It’s black, slim, and functional. It’s made for a Canadian winter without screaming “HEY I’M A PARKA!!”. It’s more like “Hey buddy, you look chilly! Why don’t you throw me on and we’ll go grab coffee, my treat!”

I will conclude with the ultimate stocking stuffer! Apartamento’s Issue #10 (fifth anniversary edition). Reading through this in my new super cozy MHL sweater, drinking (all of the) eggnog, eating (all of the) shortbread cookies.. can’t you picture it? But why picture it when you can make it happen..
(Apartamento is a gift sure to please those nearest and dearest to you – we also have Issues #4, 5, 8, and 9!)

Happy holidays to you and yours!

Who’s That Girl? Carol vs. Beth

What’s this, a new blog feature?? YEP! Every week Amil Niazi styles the Robber mannequins and then takes you on a sartorial spirit quest, finding the stories buried in the silk and wool. Each week, check out her modern fairytales and then vote for your favourite!

Meet Carol. Yeah, Carol. And before you’re all, “Amil, you’re nuts, Carols are just Patricia Heaton characters or HR ladies at my work. They aren’t real” – relax. This is Carol’s year. Does it get a bit chilly at the library where Carol works? Yes. Does she respond by draping a sloppy piece of wool around her tiny shoulders? No. Carol is that tempest in a teacup you never saw coming. Carol gets it done. She outdrank you last night and she’ll outwork you today. She might look uptight but her dick jokes make her boyfriend blush.

Channel your inner Carol in this Zea dress by Wood Wood ($365), Steven Alan Azteca cardigan ($289), and Laura Lombardi Marion necklace ($95).

Spirit Animal: Joyce Carol Oates
Power Song: Joni Mitchell’s Carey

Let’s be real, you envy this girl, but you don’t really like her. No one is that sweet. No one’s hair is really that shiny. Ugh is she eating leftover quail for lunch? What is she?! She’s a Beth, you guys and she’s the woman you want to wake up as after another lazy day where you bought new underwear instead of doing laundry. Bring a little Beth into your life and your cuticles will shine. Bring a lot of Beth into your life and boom! promotion. Not too much Beth though or you’ll be telling people how to raise their kids and ask them if they really need another glass of Pinot.

Add just enough Beth with this Rittenhouse silk backwards shirt ($329), Sessun Albertus pants ($175), and Iacoli & McAllister copper necklace ($110).

Spirit Animal: Ayn Rand’s tailor
Power song: The Pastels – I’m Alright With You

So which mannequin won you over this week, Carol or Beth? Scroll down for the poll!

New Species by the Thousands

Species by the Thousands Circle Studs, Brass, $35

Species by the Thousands Earth Symbol Earring Studs, Brass $99, Silver $155

Species by the Thousands Solar earring studs, Silver $155, Brass $99.

Species by the Thousands Moon Phase earring studs, Brass $99, Silver $155.

Species by the Thousands House Ring, in Brass or White Bronze, $85

Species by the Thousands Rock Stud earrings, $99.

Species by the Thousands Shelter ring, Brass, $99.

Species by the Thousands Wolf Stud earrings, $99.

Introducing MCMC


Introducing MCMC Fragrances from Brooklyn, NY! Founded in 2009 by Anne McClain, these candles and oils are made with quality ingredients to help your scent last and linger.

Hunter Candle, $55 (Tobacco absolute, fir balsam, bourbon, vanilla)

Love Candle, $55 (Japanese yuzu citrus, sweet basil, magnolia, deep woods, gunpowder)

Hunter 9ml Perfume Roll-On Oil, $49 (Tobacco, fir balsam, bourbon, vanilla)

Kept 9ml Perfume Roll-On Oil, $49 (red roses, black tea, with subtle notes of clove, leather, and amber)

Love 9ml Perfume Roll-On Oil, $49 (Japanese yuzu citrus, French sweet basil and Chinese magnolia)

Phoenix 9ml Perfume Roll-On Oil, $49 (peach, cherry blossom, Tunisian neroli, vanilla)

New OLO Fragrance!

Perhaps the prettiest combination of all – Cedar & Rose! Now available in the store! $45. The sharp, comforting scent of cedar with a sweet, subtle rose finish.
We also have new sample packs that include this fragrance! $30.

Gabriela Artigas Restock!

Look at what we have here!
The much-loved Gabriela Artigas has graced us once again with the prettiest little rings ever!

Gabriela Artigas 14K Knot Ring, $199. We have this in Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.

Gabriela Artigas 14K GF Faceted Square Ring, $110. We have this both in Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.

Gabriela Artigas 14K Faceted Hexagon Ring, $110. We have this in both Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.

Gabriela Artigas Triple Square Necklace, $110.


Put one of these cozy pieces from MHL and be instantly transported to a land full of cozy fires, hot cider and other transitional seasonal things.

MHL Basic Crew Sweater in Redwood, $245

MHL Remnant Stipe Jumper in Multi, $260

MHL Rib Dress in Grey Khaki, $299

MHL Rib Dress in Ecru, $299

And guys! We don’t have a picture (sorry!), but we also have the Rib Crew Sweater in Grey Khaki for $280. It’s a great layering piece that deserves a visit in-store!

New Brooklyn Tailors

More quality, timeless cuts from Brooklyn Tailors! Here you go, fellas:

Giza Cotton Flannel, ours is in Grey Fleck, $215

Melange Herringbone, ours is in Indigo, $199

Wool Necktie in Grey with Ochre Windowpane, $85

Worsted Wool Necktie, ours is in Navy Flannel, $95

We ALSO have:
Sanded Twill Shirt in Jalapeno, $165
Japanese Cotton Oxford in White, $169
Sanded Twill Slacks in Earth, $225
Cotton Necktie Japanese Slub Dungaree in Grey, $85