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End of Season Sale continues!

Don’t be too bummed if you couldn’t make it down on Boxing Day… there are still tons of great deals in the shop on both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer stock! Stop by and see us soon (before it’s all gone!).


Happy Christmas! Hope Santa was especially nice this year! I thought I’d take a quick break from family time a.k.a. extreme cookie eating to let you know about our BOXING DAY SALE! We’ll be open tomorrow from 10am-8pm and will have one day only deals and extra discounts on winter sale items (we just marked down tons more winter stuff). This means 20-40% off fall/winter stock and 60% off spring/summer stock – what a great way to spend your Christmas cash!

See you tomorrow!

Holiday Gift Ideas: Robin’s picks

My turn! My turn! Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of shopping time before Christmas.

1. Species By The Thousands Thin B Ring
I need it. That’s all.

2. A.P.C. Madras Water Flower Skirt
It seems perfect for any season and the print is so pretty. I’m quite sure I would be a nicer person if I owned this skirt.

3. Sunshine and Shadow Basic Blouse in dark green/black diamonds print
I want to wear this with my Steven Alan Frida Skirt. Like, every day.

4. Built By Wendy Hunting Jacket
Totally impossible to go wrong with a classic winter coat. Wardrobe staple. Now, if someone would just buy me an estate to go with it….

5. Steven Alan Hayley Sweater
Merry Christmas to me – from me! Every time I wear this little cashmere number, I feel like I’ve just come from the ski hill. Apres ski  hot toddy, anyone?

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Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

Holiday Hours

Just a reminder that we are OPEN MONDAYS through the end of December, from 12 to 7pm. Also, some special holiday hours to tell you about:

Christmas Eve: 11am-4pm
Christmas Day: Closed
Boxing Day: 10am-8pm (SALESALESALE!)

New Year’s Eve: 12-7pm
New Year’s Day: Closed

Holiday gift ideas: Anabela’s picks

Who is Anabela??, you might be wondering… but probably not, because I’m sure you all read her amazing blog, Fieldguided! She is a great friend and Robber enthusiast and very kindly agreed to do a guest post of her holiday gift ideas. Thanks pal!

This year I’ve been veering away from vintage, ruffled party dresses and towards clothing that is slightly more sophisticated and grown-up.  The existence of Robber has been absolutely essential in this act of transformation, and far more efficient than a self-help book.  Thanks, guys!  The items on my wishlist, however, are quite possibly the girliest pieces of clothing that Robber carries.  I just can’t help myself.

I have been longing (yes, longing — that is not an exaggeration) for the Annabelle dress by Dace since it first arrived in August (shown here in navy).  It is the perfect shade of plum, and the shoulders on this dress give it an edge that my vintage, ruffled party dresses don’t have.  It’s made of silk, my favourite material, and the dress and I share a name.  Basically, I’m not sure why I don’t actually own it yet.

I already have this amethyst slice necklace from Chain Chain Chained, but I love it so much that I wouldn’t mind having another.  You know, just in case.  It feels as though I’m wearing the prettiest science project around my neck. A+, first place.

A perfect pair of tights can help pull an outfit together.  The Hansel from Basel gargantuan cable tights are so amazing that they can become the focal point of an outfit! These tights + LBD + some heels, and you’re done.

I love all of Erin Templeton’s bags, but in particular I love the texture of the whiskey-coloured leather that she uses.  The Good Girl purse is so sweet.  I’m a good girl; I should have this purse.

Goths and George “I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable” Costanza know how great velvet is.  The Built By Wendy velvet miniskirt is so adorable, and perfectly holiday party ready.  The fabric feels so luxurious.  I’m so glad to see velvet used in such a beautiful way.

Finally, I would love to have a drawer full of the Alternative Apparel silk modal boyfriend tees.  This shirt is slightly sheer and oh so hot.  The drape is as perfect as drape comes.  Love at first sight!

Thanks, Robber, for letting me daydream!

Holiday gift ideas: Caitlyn’s picks

Hello, hello! Following in Erin’s footsteps, I’ve put together my list of favourites and hopefully a magical fairy will place them all in my wardrobe soon (Hi Mom). Take a look!

1. Sunshine and Shadow fur trim hat. I think this would navigate me through winter quite nicely!

2. A.P.C. Madras Red Overalls. These just make me so happy.

3. Rittenhouse embroidered sweatshirt in black. I’ve been dreaming of this beauty for a very long time. I think it’s about time that those dreams become reality, right Mom?

4. Permanent Vacation Annalena dress. I mean… c’mon. How could I pass this up?

5. Sunshine and Shadow geometric tank. Silk! Geometrics! Woo!


We got tired of waiting around for Boxing Day, so we decided to mark some stuff down a little early!  Tons of awesome items from Built by Wendy, F-Troupe, Steven Alan, Rittenhouse, Sunshine & Shadow, Dunderdon, and more are now 20% off.

Come by! We have candy canes too!

Holiday gift ideas: Erin’s picks

Since our Holiday Wishlists are now in full effect, we thought we’d help you out with some ideas of things you might want to put on them… or I guess buy for someone else, since all of you guys are SUPER-NICE like that. Here’s what I’ve been eyeing lately:

1. This Rittenhouse embroidered sweatshirt. Only one left (in this colour combo, though the black is amazing too)! Please buy it and spare me the agony of staring at it all day long.

2. The A.P.C. Madras canvas and leather bag. I would take this on all my overnight trips… maybe it’s a little big for that, but so what? Packing light is for suckers.

3. Built by Wendy soft denim overalls. I am obsessed with these! Again, only one pair left, and you might have to rip them out of my hands.

4. Hansel from Basel silk rib over-the-knee socks. Oops, maybe I haven’t even posted these yet? They’re a new holiday arrival and we have them in black. I already have a pair of crew socks in this super-soft fabric and I feel like a rich person every time I wear them… who wouldn’t love to get that feeling for Christmas??

5. Henderson Dry Goods mirror pendant. So simple and elegant, PLUS you can use it to check your teeth for spinach, etc. in emergency situations.

And if you don’t like any of these (what is wrong with you??), check back for picks from Robin and Caitlyn very soon…

New from Alternative Apparel

More great gift and/or wishlist ideas!

The modal silk boyfriend tee in onyx, super-soft and a wee bit sexy:

And the Madonna pocket tee in midnight, with the perfect amount of slouch: