Last chance: Dress edition – Part 2

Steven Alan Tilda dress (6), $100 / MHL Naval dress (M), $115.

Minimarket Dress Ines (XS,S), $125 / Filippa K Satin crepe dress (XS,M), $200.

Karen Walker Turn to stone dress (2), $115 / Sessun Marilia dress (M,L), $100.

Sessun Naked Songs dress (S,M), $100 / Creatures of Comfort Claudia dress (M), $200.

Wren Cut-out dress (L), $175 / Lover Velvet knot dress (4), $150.

Wood Wood Lis dress (M), $115 / Steven Alan Odette dress (S), $125.

Steven Alan Maggie dress (0,2) $150 / Steven Alan Helena dress (8), $175.

Ilana Kohn Emily dress (M,L), $150 / Dusen Dusen Box swing dress (M), $150.

Wren Maxi contrast kimono dress (S), $175 / MHL Dungaree dress (S), $175.

Wood Wood Colinne dress (S), $175 / Ursa Minor Circle dress (M), $150.

Last chance: Dress edition – Part 1

Steven Alan Judith dress (2,4) $200 / Steven Alan Shirtdress (XS), $115.

Wood Wood Shore dress (XS), $175 / Wood Wood Zea dress (XS, S), $125.

Karen Walker Northern lights dress (2,4,6), $175 / Karen Walker 3/4 sleeve dress (6), $125.

Wren Pintuck dress (XS), $200 / Wren Fit&Flare dress (M), $175.

APC Madras Plaid dress (M), $50 / MHL Long Placket dress (M), $175.

Wood Wood Pacific dress (XS,S,M), $50 / Rachel Antonoff Jack Seersucker dress (2,4), $175.

Wren Open back Kimono dress – paint print (XS,S), $150 / Steven Alan Bianca dress (6), $125

Minimarket Dress Eiffel (M), $75 / Sessun Valentina dress (M), $175

Wren Open back Kimono dress (S,M), $150 / Steven Alan Jerico dress (L), $125

Goodbye from Robber!

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Big news, guys! After 5 amazing years in Toronto, we’ve decided to close Robber. It’s been an incredible experience full of travel, adventures, friends, and of course some really great clothes. We’ve loved having the shop but we’re also excited about what’s next for both of us. Happy/sad times!

Starting Wednesday January 22 until we close in mid-February, we’re marking everything down EVEN MORE (we’re bringing out all of our past season stock, including menswear) so come and get it before it’s too late!

Thanks for all your support, Toronto – we love you!

January Hours

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 3.55.02 PM



Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 1.09.51 PM

Holiday Wishlist: Erin’s Picks

Eeep only 5 shopping days left til Christmas you guys! Here’s my wishlist in case you drew your favourite shopkeep’s name in your friends or family draw… secret admirer gifts are also always welcome just FYI.

This ALL x BAGGU backpack would really brighten up my winter look, $55:

Buy me this Ellis jumpsuit by Ilana Kohn ($389 now $290) and invite me to your holiday party and watch me effortlessly charm everyone because JUMPSUIT:

This one’s a bit of a trick because in fact I already bought the Filippa K Betty Parka ($525) for myself the other day but I’m in love with it and everyone should have one:
Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 10.15.44 AM

The MCMC Hunter candle ($55) has notes of tobacco absolute, organic Bourbon vanilla, and fig balsam aka smells like your perfect winter country home weekend:
Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 10.12.54 AM

I’d wear this Steven Alan Judithe dress ($369 now $275) year-round and here is the end of summer photo to prove it:
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Last year we sold out of these Rachel Cameron zodiac calendars ($40) before I could get one and I will cry if it happens again this year and that’s not very Christmasy:
Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 10.47.51 AM

Holiday Hours


Christmas Eve: 11-4
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: 10-7 SALE SALE SALE!
New Year’s Eve: 12-6
New Year’s Day: CLOSED

P.S. Come take your photo in our #snowpals while they’re in the window!

Holiday Wishlist: Robin’s picks

I didn’t even realize my wishlist had a theme until I put all the photos together. Turns out all I want for Christmas is a wardrobe that looks like clothes but feels like pyjamas. I think that’s what they call “living the dream”?

Sessun Chorus coat in Lichen, $349. Giant parka, yes please.


Wood Wood Lis Dress in Gypsy, $229. I feel like I would dress up for a party then just stay home with my book in this dress. Best case scenario.

Lis dress

MHL mittens in berry/ecru, $59. It’s cold and I’m a delicate flower. I need them.


Filippa K Sporty Maxi Hoodie, $235. Filippa K says this hoodie is for the relaxed look, which is exactly what I intend to sport for the entire month of December. To be clear though, I won’t be doing any actual sports.

soft sport hoodyFalconwright clutch, $68. I deserve something nice to take out with me when I have to replenish my dwindling chip supply, right?


If you buy me these things I will be happy and warm!


Holiday Wishlist: Anabela’s Picks

Our first guest holiday wish list is brought to us by our wonderful friend Anabela (of Fieldguided)! Thanks AB!
I could probably put the entire store on my wish list because I haven’t met an item of clothing or an accessory at Robber that I haven’t loved. But for the sake of brevity, here are my ultimate gift guide picks for winter 2013! My birthday is coming up so if you’d like to ease the pain of that passage any of these items will do.

Erin Templeton tote in grey ($325): Just a perfect, unfussy, soft leather tote in the nicest shade of dolphin grey. It will last forever, which is good because I am really rough on my bags, filling them beyond their capacities and whatnot.
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Samantha Pleet Shard dress ($429): This has a touch of that slightly goth, slightly The Craft vibe that I’m into. Also: the cut makes it look as though I can continue with my horrible/awesome trend of eating all the sweet in sight through the month of December (and no one has to know!). Bonus: swingy skirt! Always fun.

Creatures of Comfort Molly top ($265): This silk piece of heaven is just so me that I couldn’t possible leave it off this list.

Bel Handmade mittens in tan ($125): When you live in Canada, you must become expert at winter accessories. These are the perfect mittens: best shape, best colour, nice and warm, and handmade! 10/10.
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Dieppa Restrepo Oxfords in Iguana Oasis ($299): I know Caitlyn already picked these but we wear different sizes of shoe so it’s FINE, get them for me.

Steven Alan Delphine coat ($549): I bet they gave this super soft perfect coat a French name because it’s all effortlessly chic like everyone is always saying French women are, etc etc.

Ace and Jig Parker top ($220): Easy, breezy, beautiful! So casual.