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Happy New Year!

New Years Eve is TWO DAYS AWAY. If you haven’t abandoned your computer to run to the nearest outlet mall in search for some last-minute-discounted frock, then you’re in luck! Here at Robber, we got your back. We’ve got plenty of items marked down 25-50% that are sure to tickle your New Years fancy. Here’s a list of all the goodies we think you should be wearing when the clock hits midnight.

Lover Velvet Knot Dress, $315 $199 $160.
Have you ever noticed how people just love touching velvet? Be touched this new years eve in this wonderful cocoa velvet dress.

Filippa K Lurex Tweed Dress, $269 $175.
What a steal! This is the ultimate new years dress. Sparkly, Stretchy Lurex, what more could a girl want? Hurry in, we’ve only got one left!

Steven Alan Fairchild Dress in Gold, $385.
So cute. I’m shocked we still have any of these dresses in the store.

Gabriela Artigas Rings, $110.
You can’t forget the bling. Add some much needed sparkle to your new years look with these lovely square and hexagon rings.

Henderson Dry Goods Cufflinks, $75.
Boys, we would never forget about you. Spruce up your outfit with these rustic cufflinks. Definitely will stir up some conversation from the ladies.

Mociun Tie, $80.
A no-brainer, gentlemen. An amazing tie for a sure to be amazing night. Amazing.


Weeoooooo, it’s that time again! We’re marking things down like crazy tonight (25-40% off lots of Fall ’11 merchandise, up to 60% off previous seasons) and then on Boxing Day EVERYTHING will be an EXTRA 20% OFF!! One day only, 10am-7pm – don’t miss it!!

Holiday Wishlists: Erin’s Picks

Just under the wire, but don’t worry guys – you still have 2 days to buy me these things! You’ll have to buy them FROM me, which could be a little awkward, but we’ll get through it.

Dace Tempest dress, $299. We haven’t even shown you this little gem yet, have we? It’s NEW and almost makes me wish I had more holiday parties to attend. Almost.

Bodkin Caos sweater, $320. I will never ever get tired of giant sweaters!

OLO Dark Wave, $45. I’ve been coasting on a tiny sample of this stuff for a while now but it won’t last much longer. Smells like antique stores my dad used to take me to when I was little – hated it then, love it now.

Erin Templeton gunny sack, $365. For when I want a slightly FANCIER backpack than my Shabd X BAGGU one.

Minimarket lace-up wedge boots, $335. You know when your friend buys something and then you really wish you had thought of it first? I’m looking at you, Christine.

Holiday hours

Just a few more shopping days left, gang! Here are our hours for the next week or so:

Dec. 24: 11-4
Dec. 25: Closed
Dec. 26: 10-7 SAAAAAAAAALE!!
Dec. 31: 11-7
Jan. 1: Closed

Regular hours on all the other days!

Iacoli and McAllister necklaces back in stock!

Just in time for that last minute holiday gift shopping, Iacoli and McAllister necklaces!

No. 3 necklace (instead of a black bar we have a red bar), $65:

No. 4 necklace in black, $65:

No. 5 necklace in tomato and brass, $65:

No. 6 necklace in black and pink (instead of a red bar, we have a pink bar), $75:

Holiday Wishlists: Robin’s Picks

It’s only a week ’til Christmas, which is sort of a panic-inducing thought for those of us who haven’t actually started shopping. How did this happen to me (again)?? Just in case you’re in the same boat, I’m going to make it easy on you – just buy me the following things. Please?

F-Troupe Sheepskin Crepe Hiker  (we have them in tobacco and black)

These are the perfect cozy winter boots and might be the perfect antidote to all this holiday eating, since they make me want to run around outside.

Bodkin Alpha Dress (we have wintergreen and faded black)

I already have the Alpha blouse in wintergreen and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I feel like I could give this dress a good home.

Lover Cable Knit Dress

Who doesn’t need a cable knit sweater dress? Riddle me that, people!

Maude and Collette Ring Set

Maude and Collette ring set

I would wear these every day with everything. Please, can I have them?

Apartamento #8

Apartamento #8

We just got these in and I haven’t had a single moment to sit down and enjoy one. Feel free to provide me with some holiday reading!

Don’t worry if you don’t have Erin’s gift yet – her wishlist is coming next!

Introducing Me and Arrow!

Me and Arrow products are handmade in Los Angeles with superior craftsmanship. Their bags use all vintage deadstock material, and fine quality cow leather for the straps. Since they use deadstock material, everything is limited in quantity. A perfect holiday gift!

Arrow satchels (we don’t have the left bag), $155:

We also have a folding leather coin wallet with a card slot, coin pocket lined with a green chambray interior, for $80. Welcome to the store, Me and Arrow!

New Lillian Crowe!

Small pyramid necklace (ours is brass not bronze), $85:

Small pyramid ring (we have brass and bronze), $99:

Holiday Wishlists: Caitlyn’s picks

Here we go!

Filippa K Lambswool boyfriend cardigan. Our version is in alpine green, with the best brown leather elbow patches. It is so soft. It is so perfect. It is $209:

Rittenhouse Shadow dress in ink & peach. I’ve liked this number but have never made the plunge. I want to make the plunge! $349:

Minimarket multi-coloured knit dress Tin. I didn’t pay this one much attention in the beginning, and that was a mistake. Sweaterdress sweaterdress! $195:

Filippa K Sally Cotton Chino. Always and forever I will love these pants, I promise. $199:

Maude and Colette sterling silver love knot necklace. Show me that you can tolerate my presence with the prettiest necklace in the world. $99.

Holiday Wishlists: Saelan’s Picks

Hey guys, it’s time for the second installment of our Holiday Wishlists series! As Robber’s token male employee, it’s my job to highlight our most giftable menswear. Now that the temperature’s dropping, Christmas is the perfect time to fill a fella’s closet with warm, wintry fabrics. Check it out:

Filippa K Samuel chinos, $199 (shown in brown, but we have them in navy)

If you ask me, menswear is all about the details: fabric, fit, and function. These trousers nail it on all three counts. They’ve got a perfect narrow-leg slim fit and they’re constructed out of a heavy, double-twill cotton that’s super warm and velvety soft, so they’re perfect for colder months. You can also dress them up with a blazer or just wear them like a pair of jeans. They might be the only pants a guy needs.

Brooklyn Tailors standard shirt in olive brushed twill, $175

So, everything I said about those pants? It goes double for this shirt. You really have to feel it to understand how nice the brushed twill feels: it’s got more body than flannel, but it’s just as soft. It would pair fantastically with those Filippa K trousers. Really, you should buy me both. I mean, buy both…for whoever you’re buying for.

Brooklyn Tailors standard shirt in chambray, $175

Did I mention that these shirts have a perfect slim cut? Some people might tell you that there’s such a thing as having too many blue shirts. You know what? They’re wrong.

Filippa K mountain parka, $470 (down from $625, and ours is green)

Okay, so this is a bit pricey for gift-giving, but it’s on sale! We’re talking about the last word in winter outerwear right here. It’s got a shearling inner layer, plus a poly-fill quilted lining, hand-warmer pockets, and the hood unbuttons into a wind-defying funnel. Give your man the gift of not having to join the Canada Goose masses.

Filippa K wallet, $75

Small leather goods are the quintessential manly gift (second to ties, anyway). Get this for your Dad as a subtle thanks for all the money he’s spent on you over the years.

Speaking of ties, we have one with a cool, black-and-white geometric print from Mociun. It’s $75.

Next up…more picks from Caitlyn and Erin!